Noonans Live

Our bespoke live bidding system operating in real time with real benefits

Noonans Live

Tailored to you

Built in-house by our own development team, Noonans Live has been running smoothly since April 2019. This unique proprietary software allows us to provide an online experience tailored to each client. Sellers and buyers can view a live stream of our auctioneer conducting the sale and purchases typically appear in a client's account within one minute of the hammer going down.

Auction houses tend to use third party bidding platforms and white label software but we prefer to operate our own system. This gives us total control of all aspects of the auction experience and the ability to offer bespoke features not available elsewhere.

Totally Transparent

Noonans Live allows us to be open about our charges. As bidding takes place, any additional costs such as the buyer's premium, VAT and any miscellaneous charges are shown onscreen and updated in real time. The obvious benefit to buyers is that they instantly know the full costs of their bid in advance of making it and aren't tempted to overcommit themselves.

We can include this feature in our proprietary system because we build it ourselves, to our own specification using cloud computing.