Coin Bibliography

Here is a list of the numismatic references most frequently used in our catalogues of British coins, including English, Scottish, Irish, Anglo-Gallic, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The standard (most important and readily available) references are highlighted

The first column shows the abbreviation as used in the catalogue followed by the author, title and date of publication. Where the article has been published in a Journal, the relevant volume as well as year is given.

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Abbreviation Publication Author Published
ABC Ancient British Coins C. Rudd 2010
BMC BMC: British Iron Age Coins R. Hobbs 1996
M The Coinage of Ancient Britain R.P. Mack 1975
S Standard Catalogue of British Coins Spink Annually
Sills Gaulish and Early British Gold Coinage J. Sills 2003
VA Celtic Coinage of Britain R. Van Arsdell 1989

Abbreviation Publication Author Published
Allen BMC: The Cross-and-Crosslets (‘Teaby’) Type of Henry ll D.F. Allen 1951
B & W The Coinage of Edward lV and of Henry Vl -restored C.E. Blunt and C.A. Whitton BNJ 25, 1945-48
BEH Anglosachsiska Mynt E. Hildebrand 1881
Besly The English Civil War Mints of Truro and Exeter, 1642-1646 E. Besly BNJ 62, 1992
Besly The York Mint of Charles I E. Besly BNJ 54, 1984
BMC BMC: English Coins [Anglo Saxon - 2 volumes] H.A. Grueber and C.F. Keary 1970
BMC BMC: English Coins [Norman Kings - 2 volumes] G.C. Brooke 1916
BNJ British Numismatic Journal Various 1903 to date
Borden & Brown The Milled Coinage of Elizabeth l G.D. Borden and I.D. Brown BNJ 53, 1983
Brown/Comber Notes on the Gold Coinage of Elizabeth l I.D. Brown and C.H. Comber BNJ 59, 1989
Bull The Halfcrowns of Charles l [5 volumes] M. Bull 2008-2010
Burns Coinage of Scotland E. Burns 1887
Chick The coinage of Offa and his Contemporaries D. Chick 2010
CTCE Coinage in Tenth Century England Blunt, Lyon, Stewartby 1989
DF The Guide Book to the Coinage of Ireland A. Dowle and P. Finn 1969
DIG A survey of Half Groats from Edward lll to Richard lll D. I. Greenhalgh 2010
Elias The Anglo-Gallic Coinage E.R. Elias 1984
Freeman Moneyer and Mint in the reign of Edward the Confessor [2 vols.] A. Freeman 1985
Jacob dies The Testoons in the name of Henry Vlll K.A. Jacob SNC July-Aug 1975
LAL The Coinage of Edward lll from 1351 L.A. Lawrence 1937
Mack Stephen and the Anarchy R.P. Mack BNJ 35, 1966
Morr. The Coins of Shrewsbury Mint, 1642 H.W. Morrieson BNJ 12, 1916
Morr. The Coins of Oxford, 1642-1646 H.W. Morrieson BNJ 16, 1921-22
Morr. The Coinage of Bristol, 1643-1645 H.W. Morrieson BNJ 18, 1925-26
N English Hammered Coinage [2 volumes] J.J. North 1991, 1994
Potter The Silver Coinages of Richard ll, Henry lV and Henry V W.J.W. Potter BNJ 29/30, 1958-61
S Standard Catalogue of British Coins Spink Annually
S Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands Spink 2003
SCBI Sylloge of the Coins in the British Isles [57 volumes] Various 57 volumes
Sharp The Tower Shillings of Charles I... M.B. Sharp BNJ 47, 1977
Whitton The Heavy Coinage of Henry Vl C.A. Whitton BNJ 23, 1938-41
Whitton The Coinage of Henry Vlll and Edward Vl in Henry’s name C.A. Whitton BNJ 26, 1949-51
Withers Halfpennies and Farthings of Edward lll to Commonwealth [5 vols.] P. and B.R. Withers 2001-2004

Abbreviation Publication Author Published
BMC BMC: English Copper, Tin and Bronze Coins, 1558-1958 C.W. Peck 1964
Cooke Colin D. Cooke Collection of British farthings 2006
Davies British Silver Coins since 1816 P.J. Davies 1982
ESC English Silver Coinage from 1649 H.A. Seaby and P.A. Rayner 1992
F The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain M.A. Freeman 2006
Gouby The British Bronze Penny 1860-1970 M. Gouby 1986
L & S English Proof and Pattern Crown-size Pieces H.W. Linecar and A.G. Stone 1968
M The Gold Sovereign M.A. Marsh 2002
M The Gold Half-Sovereign M.A. Marsh 2004
MCE Milled Coinage of England, 1662-1946 Spink 1950
Prid. The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations [Europe] F. Pridmore 1960
S Standard Catalogue of British Coins Spink Annually
S Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands Spink 2003
SCBI Sylloge of the Coins in the British Isles [57 volumes] Various 1958 to date

Abbreviation Publication Author Published
SCMB Seaby’s Coin & Medal Bulletin 1926 - 1991
SNC Spink's Numismatic Circular 1892 - 2013