Private Treaty Sales

Private Treaty


Perhaps you’d prefer to sell your items without the publicity an auction attracts. If so, we suggest you use our discreet private treaty sale service. The process is relatively straightforward and is often surprisingly speedy.

A private treaty sale is particularly suited to clients with individual medals or groups of high value, and to living recipients of medals and their families. In these circumstances, as part of the transaction, we can provide a copy set of medals to be worn by the recipient or family member when required. We’re also often asked to sell high-value coins, banknotes, jewellery and watches by discreet private treaty sale.

To enquire about a private treaty sale please contact our team of specialists by using the following link or phoning our office. One of our experts will then appraise your items and estimate their current market value. You can be confident that all private treaty transactions are handled with a level of discretion and tact honed over many years of dealing in this often delicate and exacting area of negotiation.

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