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1 & 2 October 2024

Starting at 12:00 PM


The Puddester Collection (Part II)

Live Online Auction


16 Bolton St,

Day 1

Lots 908 to 1282

Day 2

Lots 1283 to 1668

There are currently no saleroom notices for this auction.

Monday 2 September to Thursday 26 September

Strictly by appointment only

Friday 27 September

Public viewing, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Monday 30 September

Public viewing, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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T. +44(0) 20 7016 1700

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Peter Preston-Morley

Special Projects Director (Numismatics)

Oliver Hepburn

Coin Specialist

Bradley Hopper

Coin Specialist

Jim Brown

Coin Specialist

Alice Cullen

Coin Specialist

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The Puddester Collection

The Puddester Collection


My particular interest in the coins of the East India Company dates back to 1975, when I started to amass information about, and photographs of, the series of coins known colloquially today as Portcullis Money. An early ally in my research was Frederick Renad Cooper (1902–85), known in the London trade as ‘Mini’ Cooper on account of his short stature. A former chartered accountant at ICI with the means to pursue a passion for coins in the best possible condition, Cooper formed several collections, principally of English crowns, which he parted with under various pseudonyms during the 1970s. Almost naturally, one might say, he acquired the very best Portcullis dollar known (then and now, and one of no less than five specimens in his cabinet), which has had a mere 15 owners since James Dodsley Cuff in 1854 and is now, happily, in a prominent UK collection. When I had finished cataloguing the last of these groups, sold on 8 November 1978, he gave me his notes on Portcullis dollars, saying “you might as well have these. The Portcullis coins should be studied as a whole, not as one denomination in isolation.” The work is still...

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